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大规模生产设备 独立环保车间

专业的技术人员 丰富的生产经验

充足原料备库 保障生产周期
     佛山市嘉旭塑料制品有限公司(自主品牌:嘉旭JIAXU / 嘉乐扣JALOCK)位于广东省佛山市顺德区容桂龟山工业区,为一家以通过ISO9001认证、国家工厂环保认证,集生产和销售为一体的实业生产制造厂家。 


     产品适用于食品、咖啡、茶叶、干货、烘焙、粉末、胶袋、包装、百货、园林园艺、口罩、造口袋、电子、电器、玩具、线束、电线电缆、灯饰、通信、百货及园林、蔬菜、农产品等各类行业。所售产品分别已通过UL、REACH、RoHS等认证,为同行业中首家通过SGS权威认证机构检测的企业。 精专业、思拓取、高品质,重诚信是我司一直以来坚持的精神和原则,并以此赢得众多厂商的信赖。 




6000平厂房  20年老厂 专业生产与研发
About JiaXu

       Foshan Jiaxu Plastic Products Co., Ltd. (Own brand: JIAXU / JALOCK ) located in Guishan Industrial Zone, Ronggui, Shunde, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, is a professional manufacturer and sales company with ISO9001 approval.

       Over 20years focus on manufacturer and R&D on the products tin tie series (all types of bags are applicable) & twist wire (single core, dual core) magic belt, mini belt series & masks nose wire, nose wire tendons, nose folder series & garden flowers \ toys stereotypes wire series. With large scale production equipment, independent environmental protection production workshop, professional research and development and produce, our annual ability is more than 3,000 tons, also being one of the industry's largest manufacturers in Guangdong Province.

       Our Products widely use on the food, coffee, tea, dry goods, baking, powder, plastic bags, packaging, masks, making pockets, electronics, electrical appliances, toys, harnesses, wire and cable, lighting, communications, department stores and gardens , Agricultural products and other industries. Certified with UL, REACH, RoHS. We are also the first enterprise got the SGS certification in this field

       We are committed to customer satisfaction by good quality of products and services, and continuous improvement and creativeness.

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21years experience, leading on this field. Quality & Service are our prority. We deserve your trustment!
6000㎡ Professional Factory with R&D Department
Large-scale production equipments, independent environmental protection workshop, Professional Workers and Good Experience
Sufficient raw materials, high quality and fast delivery

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